Several good reasons to travel to Iceland

Not many places on Earth boast landscapes as grandiose and diverse as Iceland, where the tectonic plates holding up North America and Europe drift apart and nature lets loose in all its splendour. Here you will experience glaciers, exploding hot geysers, thermal baths, bubbling sulphur pits, roaring waterfalls, smoking volcanoes, lava moonscapes, floating icebergs, calving glaciers and picturesque little villages.

Go for a sail on Jökulsarlon ice lagoon, an arctic landscape in a class of its own - one of Iceland’s greatest wonders. Or visit the moonlike landscapes of Mývatn, where NASA used to train its astronauts. The area is dotted with lava columns, they crop up everywhere. Experience Iceland’s incredible waterfalls, including the most powerful one in Europe, Dettifoss. See how Skógafoss creates stunning rainbows, try to penetrate the curtain of Sejlandsfoss waterfall, and experience the best known of them all Gullfoss.

Iceland is famous for its 170 hot springs, which well up because the Earth’s crust over its molten core is thinner here than in Europe or North America. This means you will enjoy a host of opportunities for outdoor bathing in water that is a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius. Perhaps you might want to hike along the crater edge of the volcano Krafla or in the northwestern highlands, where you can observe age-old sheep farming traditions when the sheep are sheared. If it is a challenge you are looking for, why not hike Europe’s biggest glacier Vatnajökull. Or go on guided tours and have a go at river rafting, driving a snow scooter or hiking a glacier. 

There are also the options of whale safari or riding Iceland’s famous ponies. Iceland also has new Nordic cuisine to offer and the locals know how to use the resources yielded by the pristine ocean and volcanic soil. Fresh fish and tender Icelandic lamb are staples. If you feel like something a little different, why not pair your braised leg of lamb dinner with Iceland’s signature spirit ‘Black Death,’ followed by a dessert of local yoghurt skyr with Icelandic blueberries. You can, of course, also quench your thirst with the world’s cleanest water from one of Iceland’s springs.

The adventure trips we offer are based on driving around Iceland, 1400 to 1600 kilometres. The multitude of nature experience en route is varied and grandiose. Our range of self-drive programmes/route descriptions is broad, and we are convinced that it will inspire you to tailor precisely the trip that will bring your dreams of wondrous adventures to life. Take a closer look at our self-drive programmes and the choice of accommodation and routes.

When you choose a self-drive holiday, your vacation and experiences start as soon as you park the car on board. As MS Norröna crosses the North Atlantic, it follows the Viking’s original sailing route close past the Shetland Islands onwards to the Faroe Islands and finally to Iceland, which makes this North Atlantic crossing an excellent opportunity to also experience the Faroes for 2-3 days on your way to Iceland or back again.

How to drive in Iceland

How to drive in Iceland

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