The MS Norröna is built to the highest safety standards

We would like to welcome you aboard the Norröna on your way to Iceland, Denmark or the Faroes.

This proud vessel is the only passenger ship dedicated to operating in the North Atlantic all year round. Since 1982, Smyril Line has run sea transport services between continental Europe and the island states in the North Atlantic, and Norröna has thus become a natural extension of the inter-European road network.

While you let yourself be carried across the sea, our staff will try to tend to your every need, to make sure that your stay on the Norröna is an unforgettable experience. There is no need for anyone to feel bored aboard the Norröna. Experience our unique restaurants, they will allow you to sample a culinary tradition rooted directly in the Viking era. After all, you are plying the route of the old Vikings. 

Around the previous turn of the millennium Norsemen – Vikings - set sail for western seas. They travelled to England, the Scottish isles in the north and discovered new countries in the North Atlantic, namely, the Faroes, Iceland and Greenland. They even reached the American continent, which they called Vinland, hundreds of years before the Queen of Spain sent Columbus out West to find India.

For many people travelling aboard the Norröna is also an exploration of the great exciting unknown. My hope is that your journey proves to be the eventful and educational experience you had expected. We will certainly do our bit to make sure that the leg of your journey you are spending aboard the Norröna becomes a lasting memory, one you would recommend to friends and acquaintances back home.

On the Norröna we emphasize our roots. We are therefore proud of everything the nations in the North Atlantic have to offer. You can also experience this at the Tax-Free Shop, where we have gone to great lengths to select the nest products from the Faroes, Iceland and Denmark, which directly echo our Viking heritage. Seize the moment. Explore our ship. Visit the sun deck and take in the view while land is still on the horizon – you might spot a whale on the journey – no matter what the weather is like, a journey in the Northern Seas is always a special experience. We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Norröna soon and wish you a pleasant journey.

With best regards

The captains aboard MS Norröna

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