Objectives and Policy

Management Safety Policy Statement

The safety policy of P/F SMYRIL LINE shall ensure that the company (e.g. carrying passengers and special products on a ro-ro vessel) does not expose risk to people, property or the environment.

The Company has therefore prepared very extensive safety instructions complying with both national and international requirements as well as with rules formulated by the Classification Society.

These instructions, which concerns the handling of the products carried, the operation of vessels and equipment as well as navigation, contribute to:

  • the maintenance of high safety standards on board the vessels.
  • the safeguarding of the company's reputation as a safe and well qualified company.
  • the prevention of situations in which safety is threatened.
  • regular inspections of equipment and reviews of procedures to ensure their compliance with experience gained, new technology, and alteration in public demands.
  • the implementation of instructions and ensuring that all personnel will at any time be fully qualified to perform their respective jobs.
  • the compliance with regulations and maintenance of safety standards.

Management Environment Policy Statement

The purpose of the environment policy of P/F SMYRIL LINE is to ensure the activities of the company do not cause risk to people or the environment.

Some of the products (ro-ro cargo) carried, as well as oil products and chemicals used in the operation of the vessels, may be harmful to people or the environment if treated incorrectly.

To ensure correct treatment of the products carried as well as correct handling of the vessels and their equipment, detailed instructions describing appropriate procedures, have been prepared and distributed to all vessels.

The purpose of such instructions is also to ensure that the vessels are operated in compliance with national and international rules and regulations concerning environmental protection.

The instructions shall be updated regularly so that they always comply with the latest technological developments and take into account changes in the demands and requirements of authorities and the Classification Society.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Rules of Conduct and Control

  • Alcohol abuse and/or intoxication are strictly forbidden.
  • The Master has to control this rule.
  • Sale of alcohol to crew member under 18 years of age is not allowed, to the other crewmembers only on the day, when they are signing off.
  • Unauthorized drugs are strictly forbidden on board (i.e. drugs not included in the ship's hospital supplies).
  • The Master is authorized to take necessary steps to check whether a crew member or a service hand is intoxicated, i.e. by testing from breath, blood or urin.
  • Only by requisition from the Master, the Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and the Hotel Manager are allowed to offer alcoholic beverages from the Bars and Resturants.
  • Minimum 4 unannounced random Alcohol tests will be made regularly every week onboard throughout the year by the captain.
  • Minimum 2 times a year a random Alcohol test of the crew will be carried out by a special service ashore. This tests will be organized by the Ship Management ashore.

Please be aware that the Master, Officer or Rating who does not comply with this DRUG  AND ALCOHOL ABUSE POLICY will expose him- or herself to immediate dismissal.

It is the responsibility of the Master to inform all service hands on board ) i.e. Pilots, Agents, Service crew, etc.) of existing regulations.

The Maritime Personnel Department will introduce the company's DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE POLICY to all members of crew before they sign on.

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